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Simplified Academy Learning Pillars

Our proven process can help you develop a positive leadership culture and grow your organisation around four essential elements:​

Grow your organisation and increase performance with our proven four principles of business management and transformational leadership framework.


Adopt and implement the Industry Revolution 4.0 solutions to increase efficiency of your organisation and to reduce cost.


Elevate your skills to the next level by incorporating critical thinking skills to your areas of work. Leaders with high critical thinking skills are able to analyse problem quickly and provide best solution appropriately.


Refine your charisma and develop high EQ skills to communicate effectively with your employees and resolve conflict at ease. Always remember, great leaders work among their people, not above their people.

On-Demand Workshops

At Simplified Academy, we provide the systems and frameworks that current successful business owners and leaders are using to achieve organisational growth and sustainability.

Learn the key attributes and commitments of a CEO. Successfully demonstrate the competencies of a strategic leader and draw out a Big Picture for business growth.

Module Overview:
> Roles of a CEO
> CEO’s commitment
> Attributes of a CEO 

Get the insights to translate business strategy into action via the Balanced Scorecard approach to effectively manage and measure performance.

Module Overview:
> Introduction of Balanced Scorecard
> Using Balance Scorecard to Manage Business Strategy
> Using Balanced Scorecard to Measure Business Strategy
> Implementing Balanced Scorecard

Follow the steps of successful people-managers in managing Gen Z employees by understanding more about the current and new generation of the workforce.

Module Overview:
> FOUR (4) fundamentals of management
> Understanding the current and new generation of workforce
> Demonstrating the THREE (3) essential behaviours to sustain your leadership relevance in this new era of the Gen-Zers

Master our transformational leadership principles to engage and empower your employees to perform their best in a positive cultural environment.

Module Overview:
> The 5R of a people-manager
> The 5D to build winning-attitude employees
> The 4 essentials to motivate and retain good employees

Learn the key factors that contribute to the success of a dynamic team and increase team effectiveness with our transformational leadership approach.

Module Overview:
> Extend TRUST to gain TRUST to develop a dynamic team
> Manage workplace COMMUNICATION productively to sustain the team’s dynamic
> Build a COMMITED work team towards winning result
> Sustain a winning-team-spirit through workforce ACCOUNTABILITY
> Strive towards desired result by implementing ‘F.A.S.T. Result’ strategy

Learn the 12 essentials of employee engagement to create a healthy workplace and a sense of belonging among employess that will improve organisation performance.

Module Overview:
> Understanding employee engagement
> The 1st Essential of employee engagement – Setting SMART goals via KPI Setting
> The 2nd Essential of employee engagement – Having the right 4M (machine, material, method, manpower)
> The 3rd Essential of employee engagement – Giving people the opportunity to be at their best
> The 4th Essential of employee engagement – Praising and recognizing good performance
> The 5th Essential of employee engagement – Being caring to others at work
> The 6th Essential of employee engagement – Encouraging others towards continuous development
> The 7th Essential of employee engagement – Being open to others’ opinion
> The 8th Essential of employee engagement – Connecting to company’s direction all the time
> The 9th Essential of employee engagement – Building commitment to doing quality work
> The 10th Essential of employee engagement – Being the best friend to others at work
> The 11th Essential of employee engagement – Talking about progress constantly and consistently
> The 12th Essential of employee engagement – Creating opportunities to learn and grow

Learn the necessary skills-set and behavioral-set to lead, engage and empower the work team in the current agile market environment.

Module Overview:
> The Big Picture of What Organisations are Facing Today, and What Should Leaders Do?
> How Should Leaders Think and Act?
> How Should Leaders Mobilise the Workforce Towards Desired OKR?
> What Should Leaders Do to Monitor and Uplift Workforce Performance?
> How To Continuously Building Workforce Engagement

Learn the key attributes of an agile leader and the appropriate leadership styles for different situations in order to stay adaptable in the agile market environment.

Module Overview:
> Leadership in an Agile Market Environment
> Be Agile to Match Your Leadership Approach to Your Team Behaviour, by Understanding Employees’ Competency and Commitment Level
> Coach the Workforce towards Quantum Success in This Agile Marketplace
> The 12 Essentials to Elevate Workforce Engagement

Learn the various forms of digital disruption and how to effectively redesign your business model with digital transformation strategy to achieve business sustainability.

Module Overview:
> Dealing with Business Disruption and what should we do about it
> Understanding transformation dilemma and why should we overcome it
> Adapting to the new business ecosystems and how this will create impact to your business
> Becoming a part of the new business ecosystem
> Recrafting winning business model

Learn how to improve product/ service quality and achieving cost reductions in your operation and organisation as a whole using DMAIC approach.

Module Overview:
> Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
> Elevating Business Strategic Advantages via Lean Six Sigma
> Deploying Lean Six Sigma in the Organisation
> Fostering Continuous Improvement in Product/ Service Quality

Get practical insights to implement Toyota’s 4Ps towards cultivating a total quality culture in your organisation and boosting customer satisfaction towards your products or services.

Module Overview:
> Defining Your Business Quality PHILOSOPHY and Begin to Live It
> Starting Your Total Quality Journey – PROCESS Improvement
> Developing exception PEOPLE and PARTNERS
> Fostering Continuous Learning via Root Cause PROBLEM-SOLVING
> Managing Change toward Continuous Improvement

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Industrial Revolution 4.0 Programmes

Digital Disruption

Discover how Industry Revolution 4.0 disrupts traditional industries & how you can create and implement executive-level digital transformation strategies to be on the crest of wave.

Big Data

Learn how to build scalable and resilient Big Data solutions using various Big Data tools.

Machine Learning

Become a Data Scientist by mastering Data Science, Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence).

Internet of Things (IoT)

Gain an understanding on the business implications of the Internet of Things and learn how to make the most out of IoT and Digital Transformation.

Design Thinking

Master the five-step design thinking process to identify and creatively solve problems using human-centered approach.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Master the general AI framework and solve real-world business problems with AI Solutions.

Agile Leadership

Learn how to build a productive team and develop your leadership skills for success.

Cyber Security

Learn vital cyber security concepts to build a comprehensive plan, including Firewall, DDoS, DNS, and more.

Innovation Management

Learn how to develop new and improved products, new business models or new processes to accelerate the growth of your business.

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