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For Business Owners, Executives and Managers,
Let us show you the true direction to become a skilled, confident and successful managers and leaders, in 5 days time!

4 modules, 1 to 2 modules per weekend
Recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK
Learn from experienced Industrial Practitioners
100% Online No Assignments/Exams


Leading the evolution of Management & Leadership since 1947

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only body approved by Royal Charter for expertise on Management and Leadership skills. CMI aims to help people boost their career prospects and connect them with other ambitious professionals across all industries and sectors.
75 Years Track Record

Backed by a unique Royal Charter, CMI has spent 75 years researching, refining, advancing and inspiring professional excellence.


CMI supports managers and leaders worldwide with the tools, resources and community support to take on any professional challenge.


Proven to boost earning potential and designed in collaboration with employers, CMI qualifications deliver professional pathways for learners at all levels.


Uplift Your Credential

Improve your qualifications and leadership skills to create a stronger profile. Gain confidence with skills that match your professionalism.

International Recognition

The EMBA certificate from CMI, UK is the only chartered professional body for Management and Leadership that validates your competence as a leader and manager.

Corporate Driven Education

Our lessons are specially designed for working professionals. They are concise and straight-to the-point in which you can apply immediately at work.

Skyrocket Your Career & Salary Prospects

On average, EMBA graduates received a 14.1% increase in compensation including both salary and bonuses after completing the program. (2020 Executive MBA Council)

4 Learn from Successful Experts

Our lecturers are a mix of local and foreign successful industry practitioners who can provide you with first-hand experiences and proven strategies in managing organizations.

1-year CMI Affiliate Membership

Gain access to CMI’s online global resources which allow you to browse strategic articles, practical insights, and past lesson videos freely for a minimum of 1 year.

What You Will LEARN

Boost your career and connect with other ambitious professionals across all industries and sectors globally.

Upskill with our world class modules that are taught by experienced industry practitioners with first hand access to real-time industry insights.

Module 1

Learn how most successful leaders have defined their aims and mission in a manner that can inspire and motivate their team to achieve organisation’s goals successfully.

Module 2

Understand the Business Process of Re-engineering and learn the best practices of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Digital Transformation.

Module 3

Learn how to identify the NEEDS and TALENTS of your workforce, and how well they are engaged and CONNECTED as a team.

Module 4

Get hands-on training in managing profits, cash flows, investments, budgeting processes, & comprehensions of financial statements.

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Benefit #1

Be Recognised Internationally

> Create strong and internationally recognised profiles
> Establish long-lasting professional credibility
> Connect with like-minded management professionals
> Acquire global insights for further development

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Benefit #2

Boost Salary Increment & Promotion Opportunity

> Master advanced skillsets for salary raise
> Upskill your professionalism for higher positions
> Gain competitive knowledge for personal advantages
> Gain confidence and maturity in leading and managing new projects

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Benefit #3

No Assignments, No Exams

> 100% online and straight to the point practical lessons
> Interactive sessions instead of lengthy assignments
> Weekend classes without disturbing daily job flow
> Immediate qualification approvals from industry experts

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Benefit #4

Dive Into The Brain of Successful Industry Leaders

> Obtain first-hand experience and proven strategies from successful models
> Optimize business operations to increase productivity
> Improve engagements that contributes to goal achievements
> Strategize business goals with better efficiency

This Really Works!

See What Our Students Have to Say...

I am a people strategist and human leadership coach, I attended EMBA to get clarity on business management to compliment my leadership discipline.

This EMBA just provided me a quick fix out of busy schedules, totally online.

The class is engaging, lecturers are down-to-earth, and we learned by practising the tools.

In a nutshell, I'll say this is a good express EMBA.


I highly recommend this EMBA program.

As a leader, I have become adept at what I would call the “human” side of leadership and the programme was a space to affirm and explore that further.

And I’m very happy with that experience.

So happy, in fact, that I’ve already signed up for my next Simplify Academy programme later this year!


It is worth the investment in yourself to take a programme like this to improve your performance in business and life. The programme allowed me to position my team and myself in my organisation better. The personal leadership aspects also helped me to become more aware of my personal style and sharpen my personality.


This EMBA programme opens my mind on management and leadership insights that were shared by the experience lecturers. It also made me realise the potential issues of the current operational system in my organisation and how to come up with effective framework. I don’t believe I would be where I am in my career today if I hadn’t attended the programme.


What You Will ACHIEVE

On completing our EMBA programme, you will have developed:


The ability to devise systematic business plans and strategies for outstanding performances.


The ability to identify current trends and best practices to supplement your management approaches further.


The ability to successfully implement transformations based on your organisation’s needs.


The ability to adapt to new environments and lead team members towards the new changes.


The ability to manage working capital and expectations effectively with little to no mistakes.


Got A Question? Here's The Answer…

EMBA stands for “Executive Master of Business Administration”. It is almost like MBA in terms of cachet and value, but is more focus on corporation practitioners who seeks for C-level positions.

You can learn master-level business practices and models from different industries across the world, develop resilience to deal with unknown challenges, and escalate your company’s performance immediately through the course.

EMBA is specially designed for corporate practitioners who want to upskill themselves in a relatively short time. As such, EMBA course is much more intensive, practically oriented, and also with lower fees.

You will earn professional credentials and business administration insights that gives you a tremendous advantage in your career advancement.

Our EMBA qualification is recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) which is backed by Royal Charter and is the only chartered professional body for Management and Leadership that validates your competence as a leader and manager.

CMI stands for the Chartered Management Institute. It is the only chartered professional body for Management and Leadership that is recognized by top employers, and has various schools worldwide. Holding a EMBA qualification recognised by CMI means you are a globally recognised and competent leader.

We believe it will. According to Executive MBA council's student exit survey, EMBA graduates received a 14.1% increase in compensation including both salary and bonuses.

As students graduate and continue their work, they see promotions to higher leadership roles in their existing companies and significant salary gains within two to three years. 

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International Recognition

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