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Simplified Academy has been in the corporate training and learning industry for almost 18 years accumulatively. We also provide highly industry-driven tertiary education programmes for business owners, managers, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

It’s a place where we develop leaders, connect with industry experts, engage with like-minded people who are looking for career growth, to build winning cultures and achieve breakthrough results.

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Are you facing these challenges in your organisation?

Absence of structure

Is your organisation struggling with low productivity and poor customer satisfaction due to the lack of proper process management structure to help execute tasks and strategies efficiently?

High turnover rates

Is your organisation regularly in need of hiring new employees due to high volume resignation of existing employees, which result in huge delays in company workflows?

Negative workplace culture

Is your organisation encountering issues with getting the team to work synergically due to the lack of leader-trust, team-trust and lateral-trust, hindering them from working to their top potential?

Lack of the right skills set

Is your organisation hiring the right candidates suited for the open roles? Are your employees struggling to produce high-quality results for their assigned tasks due to the lack of the right skill set?

Challenges to implement IR 4.0 solutions

Is your organisation facing challenges in adopting or implementing new digital transformation strategies into the business processes, which results in declining sales and profits?

Absence of a budget planning and financial forecast

Is your organisation battling with inconsistent cash flow and unpredictable profit and loss due to the lack of realistic budget and strategic financial forecasting, which result in higher expenses and lower profits?

Simplified Academy’s Proven Process for Success

The Four Principles of Business Management and Transformational Leadership That Build Winning Teams and Cultures

The ability to communicate a valued business purpose is a rare art among corporate managers. A clearly articulated business purpose connects the organisation goals with the team which leads to better growth and productivity. Learn how most successful leaders have defined their aims and mission in a manner that can inspire and motivate their team.


Transform businesses and processes by employing Digital Transformation solutions in Operations Management to achieve organisations' strategic objectives and goals. A successful business process transformation is proven to lead to more effective and efficient workflows, happier customers, more engaged employees, and better relationships with suppliers.


Employee engagement and empowerment represent powerful ways to enhance productivity and profitability. Valued employees are happy employees; and happy employees are what drive business success. Learn how to unleash the potential of every person in your organisation by giving them tools to collaborate with others and make a distinctive contribution to help building a culture of success.


The key to organisational profitability is not only achieving high revenues but also being able to Identify, Analyze, and Manage Financial Risks. Learning how to manage financial risk and the ability to identify areas of concerns with ideas for financial performance improvement is critical to an organisations’ success.

Our Flagship Programmes

  • Business Management & Leadership Training Programmes
    We provide certification workshops, learning resources and tools that you need to develop leadership skills, build a winning workplace culture and achieve breakthrough results.

  • IR 4.0 Training Programmes
    Our Industry Revolution 4.0 series of programmes aim to help organisations in optimising production output and reducing cost with our digital transformation strategy and framework.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Partnering with Lincoln University College, Malaysia, we provide MQA-Accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) to further advance your career and boost your earnings potential.

  • Executive MBA (EMBA)
    Our EMBA programme is recognised by Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK, the only professional institution approved by Royal Charter for expertise in Organisation Management and Leadership.

  • Business Consultancy
    Our consultants’ real-world expertise creates highly applicable business framework and practical training experiences that advance the business priorities of your organisation. We help transform your business operation to increase efficiency and accelerate growth.

Let Us Solve Your Business Management Challenges

Send us your contact information and we’ll conduct an organisational health-check for your company. We provide a simple yet insightful report to help you identify critical areas of your organisation and address them with our proven and recommended strategies.

Our professional consultant will be in touch with you to assist you in overcoming your organisational challenges. We are committed to help your workforce to achieve high level learning, transformation and performance.